From the Milky Way to Hyades, there are many different places that are local neighborhoods for space tourists to visit. Space Hike asks the question, do you know your neighbors?

Former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist, Dennis Tito, has created the Inspiration Mars Foundation, which hopes to operate a return flight to Mars in 501 days, when the planets align in 2018. Can this be achieved so soon? via

Are space tourists going to ride in a shuttle each? The Space Shuttle Discovery could bring 29-gram origami shuttles, 38 cm by 22 cm, made of sugar cane fiber paper that has been chemically treated to resist heat and water to space. Japan Origami Airplane Association chairman Takuo Toda, “hopes the test flights will help […]

With the space traveler as the customer, Boeing’s CST-100 has a weld-free design, modern structures, upgraded thermal protection and is spun-formed, making this fast to build. Accommodates up to seven people and cargo. Ground training for occupants is not part of the spacecraft’s purpose, rather the act of flight to places like the space station […]

You won’t get to space, but with balloons, 22 miles above the earth at $143,000, you can be weightless for 2 hours.

Regulations are being put in place to make space a place that people can walk around with vehicles there, get to and back, and be protected from materials, without harm.

Deep Space Industries, says that if the asteroid, DA14 contains 5% recoverable water, to be used as rocket fuel, that it could be worth up to $65 billion and if 10% of its mass can be recovered to produce iron, nickel and other metals for building materials, could be valued at $130 billion.

Democratizing the space industry, DIYRockets with open sourcing and crowdsourcing have launched the 3D printed rocket challenge, for an engine that could carry nano-satellites into space. Enter here.

A parabolic flight at an altitude of 103 kilometers, book your ticket here today.

When NASA’s MAVEN mission begins its journey to the Red Planet later this year, it will be equipped with a special instrument to take the planet back in time.

Mithril partner Jim O’Neill, “We are delighted to have hired two space industry veterans on our investment team to help us examine hard technology companies, including transportation and space,” he said. No dedicated fund, but a leap in a great direction.

The most powerful rocket to ascend near major East Coast population centers, the Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo resupply vehicle are competing with Elon Musk. Fantastic.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon spacecraft lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, beginning its mission to resupply the International Space Station, the mission will mark the third trip by a Dragon capsule to the orbiting laboratory, following a demonstration flight in May 2012 and the first resupply mission […]

Rockets have been developed, but what about in-situ resource utilization (ISRU), or life support systems for off Earth? In order to truly reap the rewards of space exploration, investment must happen in the private sector to fuel this aspect of outer living.

Need space training? Launch Space’s new “Lessons Learned” series designed for technical and management insight could be what you need to lift your space career to new heights.

At a recent conference: “What makes a space entrepreneur and the road they take to success. What paths are space entrepreneur’s taking to develop a new frontier? What are their concepts for future space business? What are their vehicles and or capabilities they are creating? Will they be able to succeed in developing businesses of […]

In a recent funding by NASA, Sierra Nevada will receive $212.5 million, SpaceX will receive $440 million, and Boeing will receive $460 million to build upon their spacecraft.

What better way then to go to space then with Virgin? Become a Pioneer Astronaut, Voyage or even Charter a Spaceship for a $1 million for you and 5 of your friends. Reserve your seat today.

This is where you want to be, on an island somewhere in the outer rings of Neptune. You found the best place for inter-space travel information and deals. We don’t have space trip sales every day like some of our competitors, but when we do, trust that you’ll be happy with your choice with of […]

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